Saturday, June 14, 2008

A letter From Uncle Billy in May 2008 about State Senator Robert Wonderling new book "Talking PA (Pennsylvania) where he wrote a chapter about Uncle Billy's Humanitarian Travels.

Hello to all Rotarians,

I left the Sheraton Hotel where Reading, Pa Rotarians along with surrounding Rotary Clubs in the area to attend a wonderful and well organized Breakfast. along with our Pennsylvania Senator Rob Wonderling and his secretary Liz Ferry and my old friend retired Reading Eagle Manager, our leading Local newspaper, Chuck Gallager and my personal guardian Keith Hill who looks after my affairs in Reading, I met Rotarians from all over this area, who came to see the great honor I received from the Senator who presented me with his new Book entitled TALKING PA With 21 conversations for the 21st Century, Leaders who have a passion for the citizens of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania along with their blend of commonsense and insight to help others. after the Senator made the presentation along with remarks about my Humanitarian and Volunteer work both at home and around the world I received the book and my personal comments between guests taking notes and flash photos I gave them all a chance to step into the background of America's Oldest working Union Waiter and Traveling Ambassador for the New York City Rotary Club. At the close of the breakfast both the Senator and I, were off to the WEEU Radio Station to appear on the talk show, where the latter half of the show there were call in from those who wanted to compliment or ask questions, I was carried away by many of the people who knew me through other Projects I was involved in my Home town. a very rewarding surprise. In view of the fact that all my family has passed away, My reply was you are may family now. I left the Radio station and back to my home for rest and relaxation as it was one of the most rewarding days of my career, with the exception of the day I received the Liberty Ambassador medal from Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. Pataki at the Gracie Mansion Sept 26, 2002. my interview with the will follow after the event 27 May 2008 Reading Cable Service interview. By By By for now, The Rotary Vagabond.


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