Saturday, April 26, 2008

Uncle Billy in India and Tibet - March 2008

Uncle Billy Teaching English and The Cha-Cha in India and Tibet March 2008

Uncle Billy's Letter to Helen Reisler, Past Rotary District Governor of District 7230 while in India March 2008.

Hello my dear:

It was so nice to hear from you. Yes, I am in India along with all the unhappy excitement of the Tibet situation. I am working in Darumsala Town and 20 to 30 minute walk to Tibet Village where the Dalahi Lama lives as after the Communist China took over Tibet so the entire government set up their new life stylein what is known as Tibet Village, where the monks and the refugees from Tibet settled, they now want their country back and there is much Protest Marches and all kind of problems as you probably have read and heard over the TV; where else should Uncle Billy be right in middle of it all. Attended a wonderful meeting at the Tibet village along with our Volunteer team to hear first handed news as the speaker was the Dalhai Lamas Interpreter for l2 years. I am presently working with Red Cross Society Detox Center with Drug addicts of all ages. It is a sad type of work dealing with people who want to stop and are having difficulty adjusting trying to change their life style. I am teaching basic English, and guess what. Dancing Classes, They love it and perhaps in my own little way I am helping them they look at me like a grandfather figure. They greet me with hugs and a pat on the back, there are l5 men from ages 21 to 38 and many have no family and were drug sellers as well as tatters enjoy the powder smuggled in from Afghans, HIV is also a problem and now with Tibet and all the refugees along with their neighbor Pakistan there is much confusion. I live in an apartment building along with 21 other volunteers in the Mountains of Darumsala, from England, Philippines, Argentina, Scotland, Canada and USA, I will return to New Delahi March 27 and then on to the Women's College that your friend sent me the information on in another part of the country. 40 Rupees is equal to One US Dollar, the food is vegetarian for the most part and every once in a while a piece of chicken. Weekends, we are on our own so I have been seeing some fantastic Temples, but life here is at its lowest, poor,- no American type showers or toilets, slit trenches type Mid eastern toilets, bring your own toilet paper or use your hand as is done in many countries, hot water in boilers that are turned own centered around electricity and many nights the lights go out so we use candles or flashlights, the other volunteers are mostly college students and great fun, I can not find a Rotary club here but when bacm in Delahi I will try to make contact if at all possible, please Xerox this if possible and give a copy to McConnon, Andreas, Del Monte and any one else who might be interested in hearing from the Vagabond. I am having difficulty finding a Computer so I will try again at another time, Hope all is well and I will be back in April, that is if the Tibetan situation clears up, the best to all and stay well from the Rotary Vagabond, cha cha cha.


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