Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Letter From Uncle Billy When He Worked in China
"Knee How" to Governor Helen, President Bill, Sylvan, Giorgio, Andreas and all my Fellow Rotarians, here I sit after a day with the Diplomats at the American Embassy and what a day it was, I arrived with open arms, thanks to the letter I faxed to the Am. Ambassador Randt, unfortunately he is out of town on business, but after I talked with his secretary Caroline Katzin, I found out we were actually old friends as she sailed on the SS Universe ,the worlds only Floating Campus, Semester At Sea run by University of Pittsburgh, Pa. year 2000, l00 days at sea, and not only that but the Political Military Affairs Officer Paul Kreutzer was one of the Guest speakers when we docked in Hong Kong, It was like old home week back in my school days, as the conversation went on I found out he was in the middle east some years after my duties at the American Embassy in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Iran and Egypt as I worked there in l948 that was the year Israel became Palestine, as the day progressed, Dante Puradiso, Second Secretary and Political Officer said he worked for Volunteer for Israel a few years ago, I told him that I was also a Volunteer for Israel in l985,86 and 87 and I worked at Camp Julius Emmau l in the Tank Division and warehouse, well he also worked in a warehouse and we ended up knowing some of the same bosses in charge, I was also there when the Ethiopia Refugees settled in Asahkalon, worked in Kabutz and Moshov we simply could not believe this was happening , he also worked for the Peace Corps for 2 yrs.Now the Embassy Public Relations officer came by and she was in Albania during the time I was working for Bethany Christian Services Orphanage and later moved on to Kosovo as a Missionary with the Times Square Church with the World Missions ,just after the war had ended and the peace agreement was signed on clean up details Now Dante told me he was at the Embassy working during the Liberian conflict, when I told him I was working there with Mother Teresa Missionary of Charities at the Orphanage he nearly flipped, and when I told him that I was a house guest of Tony Hage , the Donald Trump of Liberia helping to re construct and rebuild \the country, Tony is a Lebanese and since I lived in the the Arab world he welcomed me as a brother, Dante is a personal friend of Tony so once again we could not believe we were living the past, Pamula McKee one of the top employees of the Salvation Army and I became friends and often would dined together at the American Embassy Cafe for the Embassy Employees we had an open invitation to drop by anytime he also new her, WHAT A STRANGE WORLD IT IS While enjoying a wonderful Lunch at the Embassy, people dropped by our table and it seemed like I was back working in the Embassy all over again. now this is a big week in Beijing it is PRS (Peoples Republic Congress) and I have not seen so many Police,and Soldiers guarding the central city, since I worked at the World Trade Center with the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen Tomorrow I will be attending the Rotary Lunch at the very elegant Kimpinski Hotel where at the last meeting there was well over l00 members, I have extended an invitation to Dante Paradiso to be my guest to the Rotary Meeting and he has excepted, the members are all big wheels and there is a great deal of contact and business conversation as this is the place to meet with the leaders in the advancement of China to day, It sure is more capitalistic than communist as I knew it when I lived under Joe Stalin working in Warsaw Poland, China is on its way to world leadership, construction every where, and business is booming, Reminds me of the l930s and how we moved on after WWII, I am sorry to say the dollar is not as strong as the British Pound, Euro or the Australian Dollar, saw the Opera the other night, and the Acrobatic Show is out of this world, bought a DVD it is that good I want to entertain all my friends with a night of China Broadway Style. I am at an Internet cafe and my time is up see you all next Tuesday looking very royal, so Billy De DRAGON MUST SIGN OFF, OH YES, I WAS ON channel TV 3 NEWS, AS THE NEWS REPORTER WAS DOING INTERVIEWS AT THE BUS STATION ON VISITING TOURISTS DURING THE Peoples Republic of China Conference. And at the Youth Hostel we have the two Reporters from Norway, and they wanted to meet and interview the USA DRAGON VISITOR as everyone calls me Uncle Billy De Dragon, that's what happens when you have LONG for a name in CHINA so now I am the Rotary Vagabond Dragon how about that closing with, WHAT A SMALL WORLD I LIVE IN, BY BY SEE YOU SOON.


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